Create Your own personalized one-of-a-kind handwoven rug to add love and flair to your house. Handy-Rugs is the optimal solution to boost your house décor with your own style.

Download The Right Template for your Rug.

Measure the Area and Download the Template with the right dimension. If You can’t find the right Template for your Rug, You can Skip this Step and use any other Template you have.

Draw Your Design.

Design and Customize Your Rug. You can use any Editing Software you prefer on a Laptop, Tablet or IPad. We also accept scanned Designs; in case You prefer to draw by hand.

Submit Your Design.

Upload Your Design (click Here) and Wait for our Professional Hand wavers to Approve it, This can take up to 24Hours. This Step is very Important because our Products are 100% Handmade, and not every Design can be woven by hand.

Make The Payement.

Once the Design is approved, you will receive a detailed Email with the Production Plan including the timeframe needed and the name of the Weaver. Annexed to the Email you will find a Bill with the price to pay. Please transfer the amount to finish your Order.

Follow The Production.

Once Your order is placed, the weaver will Start transforming your Stunning Art into a real Rug. Meanwhile, You will be able to track the Production of the Rug. Pictures of every step will be provided.

Track The Rug.

Once the Rug is finalized, it will be nicely packed and sent to Your Address. Once it’s dispatched, you will receive a Tracking Number. Finally, we would love to see a Picture or even a Video of your Reaction when you receive it.

You can use our Rug Collection to Inspire Your Design.

Rugs Collection

Our Organic Colours

We are so excited to see your Stunning Ideas and Designs.

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