Gwafa – Atlas Rug

$ 454$ 1.705

Colored Handmade Moroccan Rug

1m x 2m (3.28ft x 6.56ft)


Atlas Rug | Moroccan Hand made Rugs

Like all our Rugs, this rug is 100% handwoven using more than 95% Bio Organic Materials. It is made with great love by high-skilled women in traditional factories in the lovely valleys and mountains of Morocco. The process of making this Rug is a 35 days’ story that we would like You to write with us.

New, yet authentic, Morocco’s handmade rugs are well-known for their high quality and particular creative Designs, making them fit in different areas of your home, Salon, or even Bureau. Each Design encapsulates many emotions, ideas, desires, and beautiful culture… since every woman tries to express herself in her work. Hence having a Handy-Rug product means not only enjoying a high-quality rug that lasts for years, but also a uniquely meaningful and emotional rug, as well as a piece of solidarity towards the lovely Atlas women and care and responsibility towards our Ecology and Nature.

Atlas Rug | Moroccan Hand made Rugs

Shipping your Moroccan Berber rug:
Products are shipped with high-expertise companies like DHL or FedEx Express. Free Shipping to USA & EU.
There is no import tax to the USA due to a Free Trade Agreement between the USA and Morocco.  For all other countries please check with your local customs office.
Once your order has been dispatched, we will provide You with a tracking number.

Delivery Times:
Our rugs are made to order, therefore depending on the size, the rugs can take from 15 days to 35 days to be ready.
As soon as the production is completed, the shipping will take only a few days depending on where you are.

You may return your purchase up to 14 days following purchase.

Additional information

Dimensions 3 × 2,5 m
Available Size

1mx2m (3,28ft x 6,65ft ), 1,5mx2m (4,92ft x 6,65ft ), 2mx2m (6,65ft x 6,65ft ), 2,5mx2m(8,20ft x 6,65ft), 3mx2m (9,84ft x 6,65ft ), 3m x 2.5m (9.84ft x 8.20ft)


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